Nikolai Returns
A Novel

Nikolai Returns CoverIn 1920, a glittering Russian Orthodox monastery is dynamited by the Bolsheviks into piles of rubble. Years later, Nikolai Razkazov-Kolya-grows up in the shadow of the ruins. A veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan and the deadly Russian arms trade, Kolya learns that he and the old monastery share a special connection and that his life has a purpose, a dangerous purpose.


"I'd not anticipated becoming attached and intrigued by the characters in this book, but the pages soon began to turn themselves and I could not disengage from the story or the depth of emotion evoked ..."
"As a female reader, I was skeptical when a colleague recommended Nikolai Returns - a book about the Soviet war in Afghanistan and the subsequent Russian arms trade - to me. By the end of the first cha..."
"I read this book with great anticipation and was not disappointed. Nikolai Returns combines timeless themes with a particularly relevant context given our current war in Afganistan and the spiritual c..."
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